Helpful Web sites on Copyright

Helpful Web Sites on Copyright Law

Library of Congress Copyright Office -

Copyright and Licensing Resources -

Public Moving Image Archives and Research Centers -

Copyright Registration for Online Works - http://http:/
The Copyright Office website gives instructions on registering web pages.

Digital Copyright Slider -
Online tool for very simply and easily determining if a work is protected by copyright.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) -

DMCA Summary -

Creative Commons -
The goal of Creative Commons is to build a layer of reasonable, flexible copyright in the face of increasingly restrictive default rules. It uses private rights to create public goods by protecting the works of the creator while encouraging certain uses of them. Creators voluntarily declare "some rights reserved."

Copyright Clearinghouse -

Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance -

Crash Course in Copyright for Faculty -

Fair Use Harbor in Copyright Bay -
A game for teachers

Nolo: Law for All -
Trademarks & Copyright; Rules for Webmasters

Legal Information Institute - -
Links to the best copyright sites for libraries, as well as other library law sites and articles

Library Copyright Liability and Pirating Patrons . . . and What You Can Do About It -
Describes how to file a notice with the Copyright Office as an Online Service Provider - to protect the library from "vicarious liability."

Library Web Page Legal Audit Checklist: Overview -

Library Web Page Legal Audit Checklist: Detail -

Sherpa/Romeo publisher copyright policies & self archiving -
Summaries of publishers default policies.

TEACH Act Comparison Chart by Lolly Gassaway -